Schlumberger vist 2020破解版

VISTA desktop seismic data processing software provides data processing from early-stage acquisition QC to final processing and interpretation of 2D and 3D seismic data acquired on land or offshore or as a vertical seismic profile (VSP), in all industry and manufacturer data formats.
With VISTA software, you can easily navigate workflows and seamlessly evaluate datasets using the interactive and interlinked displays. You can also add in your own algorithms through a C++ , Python or MATLAB SDK interface.
The software supports advanced processing capabilities including AVO and angle of incidence (AVA) analysis, multicomponent processing, and 2D and 3D VSP processing.
VISTA® is available in four modules, 2D/3D Field QC, 2D/3D Field Processing, and 2D/3D Full Processing, 2D VSP stand-alone, 2D VSP add-on and 3D VSP module.
Version 2020.004 [Dec 8 / 2020]
· When displaying Seismic Window with traces selected in VDF mode are now color coded for better visual display.
     Previously traces are only colored when displaying in trace mode.
· Added display options for showing inline/xline line from Attribute window selected and displayed in connected Seismic Window.
· Flow command: VSP Decon in frequency domain:
          o    Option to calculate and apply one operator per ensemble.
· Flow command: VSP Adjustable Median Filter:
          o    Option to calculate and apply one operator per ensemble.
          o    Options to save time shifts to VISTA headers.
          o    Apply time shifts to data and/or to FB picks in VISTA headers.
· VSP Model Build Window
          o    Display Seismic with Model – when loading depth dataset to overlay with model in the new dialog user can shift coordinate origin, if seismic            coordinate system is different from VSP.
· VSP Profile Display – Smooth Picks operations performed on vertical times (fbcorr) to improve vertical profiles created form several shots.
· Hodogram Display fixed bug with time axis display.
· Colorbar mouse clear option not toggling clear colors properly.
· Fixed dialog for DataSample flow command. Location of button for Data header confusing.
· Issue related to using MatLab interface, file incorrect for group number used.
· Possible crash caused by having Seismic window and attribute open at same time and scrolling faster through the seismic.
· Plot parameters using group mode not being saved as part of project.
· Refraction Statics window
          o    Ability to access smoothing variable used on initial creation of model from layer model. Value can be set to 0 for no smoothing.
          o    Inversion iteration can be set to 0 so no inversion is done on the velocity model.
          o    Location of source/receiver elevation location on Tomo vertical profile now set correctly.

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