Traptester 7.1破解版

T7, the successor to TrapTester, is an intuitive 3D workspace in which to accurately interpret, validate, model, build and analyse from air-tight framework to fault seal, stress and fracture prediction. T7 offers the ability to create and translate your robust geological model into a truly representative cellular grid, enabling population and analysis of Earth Models using some of the most advanced grid-based tools in the market.

T7 CORE consists of a suite of modules to make the interpretation of seismic data, building and validation of robust framework models, and editing/incorporation of well data a simple workflow. The geometric freedom in both seismic interpretation and model building is uniquely intuitive. Every element in the 3d viewer is interactive, allowing you to build better models – faster.

T7 SEAL For many years Badleys has lead the industry in the field of fault seal analysis. Our Shale Gouge ratio method for assessing fault seal is the industry standard, and T7 is the benchmark for excellence in its application. From the simplicity of Triangle to the power of TrapAnalyst and the ability to assess up-dip and across fault leakage, as well as our advanced GRID capabilities, no matter which phase you are at in the E&P process there is no fault seal software as complete as T7.

T7 GRID Creating realistic CPGs and populating them with meaningful properties has, traditionally, been an involved and time-consuming process. GRID is accelerated by multi-threading, offering you the ability to quickly honour the framework in the CPG. Our geostatistics toolkit is one of the most advanced in the market, and the tools in TransGen remain unparalleled for assessing fault-zone flow properties Putting it together: the streamlined workflow enables rapid fault seal/transmissibility uncertainty analysis.

T7 FRAC Whether you work in a fractured reservoir or not, it is very likely that fractures are present and significant in your reservoir. Understanding where they are located, in what orientation they exist, and the impact on fluid flow, that they may have, are all key aspects in fully understanding fluid flow in a field. T7 FRAC offers you the tools to investigate these systems with the confidence of years of industry and technical rigour applied using our toolkit.


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